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If you are looking for Philip Howe's NEW Illustration site, please click here.

Welcome to Philip Howe's Fine Art Web Site featuring paintings, illustrations, drawings, as well as demos and links to other artists who work in classic realistic styles. Thanks for visiting! Click on the links at the left to visit all areas of the site.

Here's my new full color Angels book! Many of my Angel and spiritual paintings are in the book, with lots of large detail shots and 40 technical pages of demos for artists who have asked me for many years if I would put out a book showing my painting techniques. Simply click on the book and it will take you to the publisher's page.


Below are the first two novels in the Rune Master Trilogy. Only signed copies are currently available. Simply email me, philiphowe@comcast.net, let me know which book you want, or both, and I will give you pricing and shipping costs. I'm just charging a little over my acutal production costs, so it's the best way to get the updated novels, and they are signed. 
These books are now illustrated! I spent quite a bit of time editing and illustrating them to bring them to a level I am proud of. You can see some of the illustrations below. They are black and white in the books, but if you're interested, you can order SIGNED high-quality color prints for just over my costs. Again, simply send me an email and I will reply with prices and shipping costs. 


The Rune Master trilogy is a moving story about a young girl and her best friend who face incredible challenges as they uncover the secrets of an ancient rune-based technology. These novels are for young adults and adults who love reading about believable magic. Here's a quote from a reader of Book One, Earth - "Philip Howe has spun a remarkable tale of mystery and adventure! His characters come to life on these pages as each chapter intensifies, right up to the final fantastic battle. The clever plot twists and emotional intrigue help make this a classic for readers of all ages who love epic tales filled with magic, heroic deeds, and dramatic endings."

Below are a few illustrations from Book One- Earth. There are over 30 illustrations in books one and two.





A few illustrations from book 2. I can't show you too many, I don't want to give away the story!



Illustrated Images Inc. is the exclusive publisher of Philip Howe's work. Click on this link to visit their site if you are interested in Limited Edition Prints and Posters of Philip's work.

All artwork on this site is copyright protected and registered. You may view the images, but you may not reproduce them in any form without specific written permission from the artist or the artist's clients. It is illegal to use any portion of any image without consent of the artist, so please, enjoy the work, but don't steal it.

Recent Work 2

Recent Work 1

Angel Paintings- Thought provoking spiritual images in a classic realist style.

Landscapes- Paintings that capture the feeling and light of the North American SouthWest and NorthWest regions.

Portraits, Studies, Figure work and other Paintings

Life Drawings and studies in charcoal, pencil and other dry mediums

Fine art Demos showing stages of several paintings, with techniques explained

Closeup sections of artists' brushwork as well as my own work.

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