Embryo- male figure DEMO

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This small painting (24x30") was done over 2 days. I used a simple, but traditional technique- first roughing in the figure with a conte, washing over that drawing with oil and burnt sienna with a little raw and burnt umber mixed in. After that dried completely, I used opaque color and laid on the paint with flat bristles and then sables. Since this was on a rougher canvas than usual, which I often prefer for dragging new color over dried paint, I was able to use heavier paint and let the canvas pull work for me where I wanted sharp edges. For softer edges, I scratched at those areas with an old bristle flat or used my fingers in the same manner one rubs pastel or conte in drawing.

Dry oil over brown conte_chalk drawing
Drawing on rough canvas using side of stick_detail
Oil wash over dry drawing
Smoothed over wash_added darks then pulled out highlights
After drying I blocked in values with white and dark brown
Embryo final with sharp and soft edges and pale skin tones

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