Quick demo of Dark Angel concept sketch

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This shows the initial rough concept sketch- scribbles leading to some form of a figure. Then moves to a refined drawing and some tonal overlay. I think its always interesting to look back on where an artist's mind is when the idea hits, and since I saved this rough file before starting on the final color, I thought it migh help answer some of the digital questions I have been getting on drawing out ideas before I do a painting or digitall piece. I like sharing information, so if you have technical questions, just write and let me know and I will try to answer if I can.

Rough scribble for an idea using a thin line and digital tablet
Refined drawing, around 5 minutes, using a new layer over the rough

Above- the refined drawing is on a new layer with a 50% white mask layer in between so I have a faint guide of the rough beneath and can clearly see my new line as I clean it up here and there and refine the idea. This sort of drawing I just make up, but for the final, I did shoot a model and try and get as close to the sketch as I could. Of course, the wings and most of the costume were just made up in the final anyway, but its always good to see how light falls on the figure. I always push the model's form as well, trying to idealize it a bit as I paint. 

Middle tones added on new layer using multiply
Darker textural tone added quickly on a new layer
Final rough showing enough light effect to get me to the color stage
Closer, showing the loose line, which is all thats really needed

At this point, I am ready for a model, and the final rendering, below, is a hybrid of the reference shots and, hopefully, enough of my original sketch to keep some of the vitality of the initial concept. 

Final color rendering, note brushwork to keep the work interesting
Final color rendering

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