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Creating an underpainting is a classic technique used by artists such as Rembrant and Van Dyke, as well as illustrators like Normal Rockwell and many others. This is a very effective approach to achieving realism in your work.
First, you choose to either do a still life or costumed figure. Once our photos are shot, you'll project the image or drawing onto canvas. Next, we'll work on developing a quality underpainting, either in sepia or grays. The finished color work is done over this solid foundation.
 I will teach you every step, taking each stage slowly so you'll have fun. I'll do demos in class and walk you through every stage. You'll learn how to drybrush, glaze, and scumble oil paint to get quality results.
This class is for begining oil painters as well as advanced students. 
 The supplies needed are a basic set of oils, small quality brushes, and 1 or 2 canvas panels. Any questions, please feel free to contact me via email at philiphowe@comcast.net 


Above, This painting used a pencil technique as an underpanting for the final values.

You can see my typical palette on the right, using a middle tone blue, with white and black to darken or lighten the color. 


Above, the classic brown underpainting approach, with glazes over a dried base to slowly darken the painting.


This is a dry-brush vaiation to create a clean underpainting, which I then painted over in solid colors. I will show you all these techniques in class and help you choose which techniques you will enjoy working with. 

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