How to Professionally Photograph and Manipulate Your Artwork
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 I'll teach you how to shoot quality photos of your artwork so that you can remove the glare, enhance the texture, and prepare the images for either print or the web.
This class is designed for any level of student who has a professional camera or just wants to learn the process. Once the work is shot (which I will do with my high-end camera if you don't have one) then we'll work in Photoshop.
I'll cover the basics, from RAW camera data to cropping and image adjustment to get your color just right. This is a very easy, streamlined step-by-step process that I use everyday to copy my own artwork.
Whether you do 2d or 3D original art, you can learn how to professionally digitize your work so that you can use it on websites, for prints, or just for archiving. It's fun and easy, once you understand the methods and you'll learn more about how to work in Photoshop along the way. 

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