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Here you will find several links to other artist's and illustrator's home pages and other links of interest. I will be updating this page from time to time.

Here are some outstanding painters of realism working today.

Carolyn Anderson

Click here to see one of the best calligraphers working today, Glenn Yoshiyama

Dean Williams fine art and illustration

Nelson Shanks

Scott Christensen

John Michael Carter

Adrian Gottlieb

Chris Hopkins, Artist, Illustrator

Robert Liberace

Richard Schmid

Matt Smith

Scott Burdick and Susan Lyon

Russell Chatham

Ron Sanders Studio- Classic and Romantic Realism

Rose Frantzen

Morgan Weistling

Huihan Liu

Ned Mueller

Everett Raymond Kinstler

Here are some sites of great realistic artists of the past.

Art Renewal Center- Be patient, this one is worth it if you like painters like Sargent, Waterhouse or Bouguereau etc.

Bud Plant Illustrated Books- A great site for classic illustrators of the past, bios and books etc. Check out the IMAGES magazine!

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