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To keep the areas wet over the two days it took to paint this image, I worked this painting in sections, doing the figure first. Around the figure I worked just enough paint over the surface to ensure that it would be an easy blend the next day as I worked back into that area. As usual, I spend the most time on the figure. Once I get the face done and the way I want it, I speed through the rest of the painting. The photo of the model I shot is only a guide to get to the real face I am after. Rather than copy the reference, I try to give it more life. I believe there isn't a photo in the world that can compare to a well rendered oil painting of the same subject matter. The imperfection of hand painting and the luminous visual effects inherant in oil paint only amplify the feeling or 'spirit' that makes painting such a sophisticated and personal visual statement.

Initial brown brush drawing
Block in of left side
Face done, moving on
B ody blocked in
Closeup of brushwork
Waterfall blocked in
Right side blocked in
Foundation under tree limbs
Tree limbs over rock foundation
The Endless Waterfall final

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